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Join an unstoppable community that focuses on military-style functional fitness programming for those looking to get fit and crush their goals. Our results-driven programs cater to all, whether you're joining the military, an active-duty member aiming to improve your scores or going SOF, or a veteran trying to get your fitness back, or a civilian looking to achieve your fitness goals. With our 24/7 athlete support line, and access to world-class fitness advice, we offer unparalleled support to help you succeed.

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    /mason davis/

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    Mason used to struggle with his weight and fitness, feeling discouraged and frustrated with his lack of progress. He turned to Combat Fitness for a solution, and the we helped him transform his body and his life. With regular workouts and proper nutrition, Mason was able to shed 40 pounds and build lean muscle, becoming stronger and more confident than ever before. Now he's a living testament to what's possible when you commit to a healthy lifestyle with Combat Fitness.

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    Work with certified trainers who are passionate about helping you reach your target.

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    If you don't see results in 4 weeks, we will train you for free.

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    Call or text us at any time and have access to our expert support line for world class fitness advice.

  • elite "Mixed Interval" System

    Our method of training allows you to run less and improve at rates up to 40% faster than standard running programs, by using a unique, calculated mixture of interval, threshold and endurance work.

  • Community Support

    Join a community of like-minded individuals who will support and motivate you every step of the way. We take a holistic approach to tactical fitness, which includes mental and emotional performance as well as physical development.

No limits. Just results.

Being a Tactical Athlete means being able to depend on your body to perform, at any time and any place.

We believe fitness should always be an asset, and never a liability.

With our proven fitness methods, trusted by thousands of athletes, you can be sure that what we do works.


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With our breakthrough, professional methods of training, we have delivered results for thousands of athletes around the world, at all fitness levels, and from all walks of life.

Put simply, what we do works.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver results, that we are actually able to guarantee it.

Here is what some of our athletes have to say:

Connor C.

"What hasn’t combat fitness done for me!? I’ve used your programs for a while now and cycle through them and just keep gaining and gaining and becoming that elite version I set out to be but the grind never stops I’m now part of the team as an ambassador with the company and couldn’t be happier the team are amazing and help whenever they can and are always responsive as soon as possible I can’t wait to help other people see the amazing programs and team this company holds as I will always hold this company to a high standard and always will keep being the best 💪🏻"

Leandro C.

"Combat Fitness has helped me a lot in many senses. Through the free content (which is quite comprehensive) I was truly educated on fitness, nutrition, training, and now I feel like I have so much more control over the decisions I take on my daily routine. The emails and Instagram posts have actually caused a direct impact on my life. For more than once, I was triggered to take action (going to the gym, doing stuff, leaving laziness behind) after reading a message which seemed to be personal. The courses I’ve bought, (combat, 8-week challenge, the new program for the tactical athlete) were game changers. I’ve improved my way of training, my strength, my cardio, and I was able to access a training culture which is not really present in the country I live in (Brazil). I feel like I’ve improved in many areas of my life through these programs. The free chat with Scotty was also really cool. I feel that I’m part of a community, even though I’m not in the military. This sense of being part of a group really helps and makes us feel good even on the hard days. I would love to win the Giveaway, but I’ll be glad if this message reaches out to you, so you all know the positive impact you’re causing on a guy thousands of miles away."


"To The Boys, Combat fitness brought me back to the grind. Equal parts motivational and reminding me excuses are like assholes, everyone has them and they all stink. It’s easy to sit in a vacuum and feel sorry for yourself, but with consistent touch points be it IG posts, inspiring emails or the awesome contact number, it’s like being supported by the guys on the team again. Pushing yourself to be more ready and more lethal. The boys help prevent you from wallowing in self pity, but reminding you of what you can do, and the impacts those decision make on you now. Regardless if I win anything, I just want to thank you all for providing quality programming, awesome inspiration and willingness to inspire those of us at our lowest. Although I may be in the twilight era of my military service, I desperately needed to be motivated by like minded savages. So thanks to you savages, also thank you for not asking me who’s carrying the boats."

John C.

"I really enjoy your programs! They have really helped me become more job fit ready as a firefighter. I have noticed a difference in my cardio, endurance, and movement strength that has been great. I have noticed that during training patient drags for rescue have been a whole lot easier with the types of workouts that you have given me. Overall, I really enjoy the motivation emails that you send out. Those definitely have gotten me up and working out. Even during a busy 48 hour shift and wanting to relax, reading one of your emails that you sent out has made me get up off my tail and get that energy and drive back. Thanks for all that you do."

Jason M.

"Your emails and ig posts really give me the psychological support to break my tendency to be lazy and take days off. Its like a good kick in the ass And since I train solo I dont have a camaraderie of a team to keep my sh*t together. And i appreciate reading versus listening for motivation. I like the frequency if the emails And i have a great wonder and need to book a first call to see what is possible for me from your methods Best regards"

Michael K.

"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the help you've given me in motivating myself and getting in better shape. I've struggled recently to stay consistent with my fitness routine, but your program has made it easy and enjoyable. I love that your workouts are challenging but achievable. I also appreciate that you offer a variety of workouts to choose from, so I can always find something that's appropriate for my fitness level and goals. Your social media is also incredibly supportive and motivating. Thanks to Combat Fitness, I'm losing weight, gaining muscle, and my energy levels have improved. I would highly recommend Combat Fitness to anyone who is looking to get in shape and improve their overall health and well-being. Thank you again for everything!"

Hannah S.

"Since learning about Combat Fitness several years ago, I have always tried to stay up to date with what you guys are up to. I realize that it is mostly a male focused organization, but I really love it. I love the story of your programs. As a personal trainer, I often find it hard to write a program for myself that will push me, but after starting up with your programs, I don't have to worry about that any more. I have had to go through several surgeries over the years and being able to go into those situations with a fit body has made a world of difference, so thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work."

Michael V.

"Your workout plans have helped me tremendously within my fitness and weight loss journey. I’ve in total already lost 50kgs. Which your plans helped tremendously in. Your posts kept my motivation up and taught me to look in the future, to the result I want to achieve."

Erik K.

"I have to be honest, I'm not one for "raw raw" motivational speeches, quotes, one-liners, etc. I started receiving your emails about 6 months ago, the first one I got for some reason just clicked in my and I was like "fuck ya" truth to that! Then as they continued to come I continued to read them quickly and they started pumping me up. I don't read them all, but I swear they happen to come through at the damndest times when I do actually need them, if I'm not feeling like working out, a shitty day, or even on a good day they just happen to have good timing. Keep it up, much appreciated!"

Dylan Q.

"Combat Fitness has opened up a regime and structure of training like I’ve never seen before. Back in May I purchased the 35 minute 5 mile programme after growing tired of the mundane 5 & 10km consistent runs 2-3 times a week. Since finishing the programme, I have noticed massive improvements in many aspects of my running, ranging from speed to endurance. I look forward to purchasing my next programme and improving other areas of my physical fitness allowing me to progress further in my military career."

Eli G.

"Okay I'll be honest your high speed edition combat fitness workout plan gave me massive benefits because I didn't really like going out to gyms. In just a week I could climb a rope without leg assistance. After a month of that program I started to develop abs and amazing shoulders with out any weights at all. Later I started doing them with weighted vests and god was I happy. I don't have to win I just want you to know that you did actually help someone and thank you so much! I lost lost 10 kg in a month."

Albert B.

"I don't even know where to start. I just started my RCN training this past month, and let me tell you, I've been using CF as motivation and inspiration all summer to be in my top proformance for my training. I feel like I'm on top of the world and I see how my discipline and efforts have effected other parts of my life such as home life, school, RCN, etc. I am a good runner but with CF I've been focusing more on my body strength for a more well rounded performance. I appreciate what you guys are doing and love the results I've been seeing. Keep up the good work team."

Ryan M.

"CF has given me the motivation to get back on track to becoming the best version of myself. The motivational emails along with the excellent programs have provided me with not only the fuel but the tools to get me to where I’m supposed to be!"


"For me, combat fitness has provided an excellent and reliable foundation to build my physical and mental preparation for my career in Marine Corps Recon community. Combat fitness has introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals with similar career plans and goals. With these newfound relationships, I am able to expand my training and preparation through the Combat Fitness community and influence others to do the same. Everything from motivational emails to dedicated work out plans, Combat Fitness has undoubtedly allowed me to be one step ahead of my peers during the assessment and selection process. I continue to promote Combat Fitness to those who expressed interest in the special operations and warfighter in community, even though I know it provides me no gain other than the satisfaction of uplifting others, and pushing them to be the best they can both physically and mentally. With this giveaway, I hope to use the Combat Fitness apparel as a conversation starter to build even more relationships in the fitness community, and proudly represent a program that has helped me grow and aspire to the best candidate in my Basic Reconnaissance Course class. Thank you for your time and consideration."


"We had a 30 minute session to talk about my situation. I was deep in a negative spiral that started years before. I am in the military part time, but not in a trade that really challenges me physically. I missed the mindset I had when I did my Basic Parachutist course 12 years ago. We talked about finding a small hard thing to do at least 3 times a week. This is the day I started doing the Ground Zero program. Since then, I've been training 4-5 days a week with that program, I am getting near the end! This has really helped me get focused at work, motivated and able to motivate other people around me! Every posts on socials and podcast episodes helps me on days where I don't feel like doing anything. I've had some days where I just couldn't, but the next day, I knew I had to get back on it before the bad pattern returns. Mental health has been a challenge for a while trying to find a purpose for what I am doing. Your program helped me so much to get back in a "no bullshit" mindset and to get things done. I meant to contact you back after our meeting, but never got to it. This seemed as good a time as any! Thanks again and keep it up, it really helps!"

Michael B.

"Combat fitness is giving me the discipline that I have missed for a while now. Especially with having kids now. It's giving me the discipline in the push to be better for my children and be the role model that they deserve. I hope that this shows how much combat fitness has given me. And I hope you all have a good day as well. Looking forward to hearing from you."

Jeremy C.

"So, your training programs have given me some hope for a future as tactical athlete. I knew What i wanted To do but not how to get there. I’m really excited to train using your programs and if i get Selected by any unit, it’ll be because you people physically prepared me for it. I’m fully confident that in 3-6 months I’ll be ready to tackle any selection process. No other training group are as welcoming, helpful, and understanding of what i want To do. I’m sitting at 5’11”, 240lbs, and 25 percent body fat. As soon as i start To get a faster run time. My physical fitness will be a force to be reckoned with.

Jonathan K.

I am a wildlife Ranger and use the Combat fitness medic training program and have done for a year or two now. It helped me get back on track and stay disciplined. Don't need a gym. Don't have to think about not being able to afford it. Just get it done. The e mails are great for encouragement and every now and then there's some extra little cherries which is awesome 😎 So, big thanks and keep up the great work 😁💪👊

Joey W.

"I am pushed every day, this doesn't mean purely by becoming more fit but by becoming a stronger person. [Their] simple emails not only give that boost of motivation or advice in times of darkness, laziness, or simply going through the day-to-day. I've read and reflected on many of the emails sent, and I'm sure they've helped others just like me in their fitness journey or push through the day. I wanted to sit down to write this email not only to thank those who created the plans that helped push me to become a better runner and be more disciplined but I feel that my true goal is to become a great person and a strong leader. Attending one of your strategy sessions with Scott gave me valuable insights into nutrition, focus, and fitness, and the opportunity to talk to someone who will give me the advice to become a great person someday. Combat fitness has helped me get in better shape, given me insights into becoming a better and stronger person, and opportunities to talk to certified badasses. I promise you, I will kick ass in anything that I do in the future. The plans and people who helped me along the way will hold an important part of my heart".

Tamon M.

Motivation. I'm not drink alcohol because of you. Focusing on making myself physically fitter than when I was enlisted because of you. So thanks.

Ray A.

Combat fitness has offered me a new perspective on training. The system has been rewarding and has allowed me to become a better more disciplined person. I look forward to waking up at 430am and working hard before work. I am a retired police officer and currently working in the security industry. At 57 combat fitness has allowed me to dial back the clock.

Nestor V.

I purchased CF program (speed and aggression) a long time ago. I also purchased the mindset book. Both were absolute game changers in the sense of what a real demanding workout is and also just how much is possible within our existing cab abilities and writhing our reach. Proud to be an ambassador👍

The Story Of Combat Fitness:

About us.

a modern solution to a dynamic problem.

In the world of tactical fitness, everything matters. We come from a background of - quite literally - life or death situations, where fitness can be the determining factor.

Years ago, we sought to give modern Tactical Athletes the necessary tools - solutions - to the problems they were facing.

An all-encompassing approach: running, lifting, hiit, mobility, and injury prevention.

Since this, we are proud to say we've had over 22,000 athletes come through our company, and have trained hundreds of athletes for some of the toughest military selections on planet earth.

We are the real deal.

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