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How will my programs be delivered?
You will receive an email with downloads after your purchase, and also be presented with a link on the Thank You Page that will include access to the programs and all the necessary information.
Is SOFRUN a monthly subscription?
Yes, SOFRUN is an exclusive monthly membership, and training is regularly updated.
Why is elite coaching application-only?
Elite Coaching is application only, as we can only take a limited number of athletes at a time, in order to provide proper one-to-one coaching.
How do I contact athletic support?
Our athletic support team can be reached by text at any time at +1 (206) 594-5200 or email us at

"The journey we call life always comes with its set of tests and trials; more often than not, we are unprepared to battle them. Combat Fitness has dedicated itself to countering such moments by building mental and physical resilience within its trainees. They embody the words of Vince Lombardi, “It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.”

LA Progressive

"Nothing comes easy; everything demands dedication before you attain success. Combat Fitness helps its athletes reach their true and unexplored potential by enabling them to understand the arduous journey ahead. They take complete responsibility for their client’s progress and provide total compensation otherwise. The team at Combat Fitness is investing their time and energy in building high-performance tactical athletes and settling for nothing less."


"The years of knowledge and the added military experience of those working at Combat Fitness have created the most effective training programs, ensuring a higher success rate. The company has earned a name for itself over the years as it continues to help hundreds in their selections into the world’s most challenging special forces, such as SFAS, BUD/s, MARSOC, and others."


"For Combat Fitness, mental strength and endurance are at the center of aiding physical fitness, which empowers athletes to accomplish even the most taxing tasks. Individuals aspiring to enroll in military or emergency services benefit from Combat Fitness’ training techniques as they help trainees achieve their goals and be in optimal fighting shape. The company empowers them to make the most of their training time without physical restraints."


"Combat Fitness understands that physical strength alone cannot give permanent and fruitful results. Thus, with the help of its expert team, they are guiding athletes and developing the mental toughness to lead them down a successful path. The training programs at Combat Fitness have produced notable results, creating high-performance tactical athletes."


"With Combat Fitness’s training programs, thousands of athletes have reached their fitness goals, maximizing strength and endurance. The plans are designed to motivate and guide clients in the right direction. "