You're not a victim.

Don't be someone else's victim.

When you see life as a victim,

You will live life as a victim.

There is a phenomenon called the self-fulfilling prophecy...

Which states that we believe to be true about ourselves often quite literally becomes our reality.

This is as true with mis-diagnoses of mental disorders as it is about our own character traits.

A kid misdiagnosed with ADHD may grow up to actually behave in line with the disorder.

Someone who believes they are strong and resilient, will be stronger and more resilient than someone who believes they are weak and frail.

Someone who believes they are "not a runner" won't stand a chance of ever being a good runner,

Because they have killed that belief before they even had the chance to prove themselves.

Someone who believes "no one likes them", will not be liked by anyone, because that is the reality they set to be true.

Someone who "isn't good at talking to girls" will never have to confidence to develop this, and therefore will never be good at it.

All of this is equally true with the victim mindset, which has become ridiculously common in the last few years, especially with the rise of social media.

Society seems to be in a suffer-olympics.

It's a competition for who can be the biggest victim;

"Who has it the worst?"

"Who is most marginalized?"

"Who is most discriminated against?"

"Who needs what government program and funding most?"

Stop it.

Fucking stop.

Life isn't fair to anyone.

It's quite unfair to all of us, for differing reasons.

Very few people live life on easy mode.



This is why:

As a victim, all of your power goes to your perpetrator.

Maybe you had shitty parents as a kid,

Or you were bullied,

Or experienced racism,

Or were sent to fight in a desert at 18 and lost your health and peace of mind.

Whatever it is, you can't see yourself as a victim.

Bad things happened to you - that is fine. Acknowledge it, embrace it.

But don't be a victim.

When you believe bad things happen to you, bad things happen to you.


Be a fighter.

How you see yourself shapes your reality.

People are "losers" because they believe they are losers.

People "can't lose weight" because they believe they can't lose weight.

People are "successful" because they believe they are meant to be.

People who are "poor" stay that way because they believe that is what they are.

If this email offended you - it was probably designed for you.

Shatter your own fucking beliefs.

Don't be a fucking victim.


Let's get it!

The Boys @ Combat Fitness

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