F*ck comfort.

Get uncomfortable every once in a while.

Often we tend to be most miserable when we lack real challenge or stimulus.

We start inventing our own “problems”.

Get outside and get uncomfortable, and remind yourself what it is like to feel human.

Go to the gym and remind yourself what it is like to feel physically exhausted.

Your body and mind need these constant reminders, and legitimate primitive stimulus.

We are running on 20,000 year old software, in an era we are not designed for.

Remind your body you are still a savage.

Pick up heavy things and put them down until you can’t.

Go run outside in the cold for 2 hours.

Go camping, carrying only what you need and sleeping on the ground.

All these things are so good for your body and your brain.

Sometimes the best way to take care of yourself, is to legitimately challenge yourself.

Do it, and see for yourself.

Let's get it!

The Boys @ Combat Fitness

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