Bad days happen.

Bad workouts happen.

Sometimes, you get to the gym feeling like shit, and you leave feeling great.

Other times you get to the gym feeling like shit, and leave still feeling like shit.

It happens, and it's totally fine.

It doesn't mean that what you are doing isn't working...

It doesn't mean you should stop working out,

It doesn't mean you have a thyroid issue or some other shit.

It doesn't mean you should radically change your diet overnight and try 15 new things.

It doesn't mean you should cancel your gym membership, or switch to CrossFit,

Or join a new 30-minute-HIIT-Total-Body-Fit-Kick-Core-Blaster-Class, or some other buzzword workout thing...

Hoping that it will solve all of your problems.

Sometimes bad days just happen.

If two happen in a row, you might just need 2-3 days off.

That's it.

Fitness is a journey.

There are ups as there are downs.

This is about learning to listen to your body.

Learning to rest when you need,

And push when you can.

This is about STAYING AT IT,

Even when its hard.

If you quit the second you have a couple bad workouts, how can you expect results?

This is about the long game.

We're in this for life, always getting better.

Take that rest day, then get back at it stronger.


Let's get it!

The Boys @ Combat Fitness

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